Young Designers' Exhibition 2014 新一代設計展文宣設計



新ㄧ代設計展(Young Designers’ Exhibition為台灣年度最具規模之設計展覽,展出台灣大學⽣之畢業作品。本展覽為2014年所舉辦的第33屆展覽,宣傳海報設計上以「齒輪」結合「迷宮」為主視覺,「齒輪」代表著設計師源源不絕的創意與能量,⽽「迷宮」代表著創作的過程,我們將它設計成沒有正確路徑的迷宮,可以用自己的⽅式去尋找出口,無論怎麼⾛都可以抵達終點,可選擇捷徑,也可選擇繞路,希望能藉此概念傳達設計創作的精神,設計就如同走這座迷宮ㄧ樣,沒有標準答案,ㄧ切由⾃己去發掘、尋找創意的出口,⽽靈感可以很快得到,也可能必須繞很⻑的遠路。目的希望藉由這張海報設計,勉勵學⽣在未來畢業後,能夠不停的堅持與尋找,屬於自己的設計之路。我們也為海報製作了30秒的3D動畫廣告,動畫中將海報中的YODEX字⺟擬⼈化,⼤家就像是參與ㄧ場競賽,努力的奔向迷宮,迫不期待的去尋找⾃己的設計道路,動畫就如同海報的序曲ㄧ樣,⽤來銜接海報所要傳達的精神。


The new generation of Young Designers’ Exhibition is the largest design exhibition held in Taiwan annually, which features the graduation works made by undergraduates of art-related courses all around Taiwan. For the 33rd exhibition held in 2014, the design of the publicity poster combined a gear and a maze as the focal point. The gear represented the designers’ continuous originality and energy, while the maze represented the creation process. It was designed as a maze with not just one correct path. One can find his/her way out by himself or herself, and the destination point can be reached no matter one takes the shortcut or the detour. It is expected to convey the spirit of design creation through such concept. Design art has no right answer like the maze. The originality should be discovered and sought by oneself, while the inspiration may come into one’s mind very quickly or after taking a long way. The design of this poster was to encourage the students to persist in seeking the design way they are comfortable with after their graduation.

We also made a 30-second advertisement in 3D flash for the poster. The flash video shows the YODEX letters on the poster, each of which runs towards the maze like in a racing competition. It shows the letters as if they are so eager to seek their own design ways. The flash is simply an introduction to the poster that is used to link up the spirit that is conveyed by the poster.



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