在Logomark部分,概念源自品牌名中「星賀」的「星」字,結合象徵精華、嚴選的「星星」與「黑毛和牛」的頭部特徵,傳達星賀所提供的和牛,如同最閃耀、最精華的一顆星星般嚴選而出。在Logotype部分,透過圓弧切出向上勾勒的筆劃,讓字體帶有牛角的意象,也同時產生如精品般的細膩風格。Logo整體以日式傳統編排手法設計,希望此品牌形象能同時兼具「傳統的信賴感」與「和牛的頂級高貴感」。品牌化的重點,在於我們希望像這樣B to B的銷售模式中,相較於其他競爭對手,能在服務與形象上的塑造,透過識別與攝影的結合,營造出「星賀和牛」肉品的高級感與更加細膩的服務。


Wagyu Star is a supplier of Black Wagyu(Jpanese Beef) from Kyushu, Japan. It is a new brand created by Taiwan’s Yu-Hh Food Co.,Ltd., Japan’s Sterzen Co., Ltd., and MITSUI & Co., Ltd..The key point of branding is to make a “Wagyu Star” a high-class and more sophisticated product through the combination of identity and of photography and the polishing of service and of image, a product that, in the B2B business model, is differentiated from other competitors’.

In the Logomark section, the concept is derived from the “Star” character of the “Star” in the brand name. By the combination of the head features of “Star” and “Black Wagyu”, which symbolize the essence, the Logomark conveys the Wagyu provided by Wagyu Star, as shining and delicate as a star. In the Logotype section, the strokes drawn upwards are cut out through the arc, so that the font has the image of horns and produces a delicate luxurious style. The overall design of the logo is based on the traditional Japanese layout style. We hope that this brand image can have both “traditional trust” and “top-notch sense of Wagyu”.


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