Design Pin 設計點品牌設計


「設計點」 品牌形象設計


延伸設計應用上,使用簡單的圖釘Logo元素出發,做了許多變化,如轉動方向、漸變、不同大小排列等,甚至在概念海報設計上,將Logo結合於插畫當中,Logo可當作桌子、對話框,以為了營造此品牌富含許多創意、變化、活潑的形象,以及本店的品牌精神「More Design, Better Life」。


“DESIGN PIN” is a shop located in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park,Taipei, Taiwan that sells quality design works that have won awards at home and abroad. The design of the shop logo takes the simple PIN shape as the element, which represents a remark. Things in our life can be highlighted for identification once marked by a PIN. It indicates all works available in the shop are recognized and marked as quality design works by PIN.

Regarding the extension design application,we started to make some changes on the PIN element, such as rotating, fading, and lining in different sizes. Even the logo is integrated in the illustration in the poster design. The logo can be taken as a table or dialog, so as to create the image that the brand contains rich originalities, changes and vitalities, as well as the brand spirit of the shop “More Design, Better Life”.




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